The Value of Poetry: The Role of Poetry in Uncertain Times

December 15, 2021

Thanks to the creative talent at Brandsitters and Being Studio, I was enabled with the development of the Kindred Centre brand.

This is a new venture, a reaching out to other therapists who may want to develop greater collaboration and comfort working with clients remotely. It’s also a way for potential clients to view profiles of therapists and make a decision about who can assist them. 

I hope that the Kindred Centre will be visible and helpful for building safe and positive therapeutic relationships and a supportive collegial environment. 

As I ponder uncertainty, reading poetry assists reflection. I love using metaphor in my work - and when feeling complicated. Starting something new is work and is complicated at times and I notice that new ventures are often described with movement oriented metaphors.  For example, 

Will it float?

Will it sink?

Will it fly?

Will it go belly up?

Exploring the metaphorical journeys of poets assists me, {in some comforting way}, to navigate my own - complications and to find thoughtful ways to cope and remain calm in the face of uncertainty.

My hope is that Kindred Centre floats, flies and finds its flock of colleagues and clients who seek an authenticity of connection even if the medium of communication is not in person.

Inspiration and hope was clear to me at the end of this changeful 2021 year in Michael Fitzsimon’s poem, ‘Assorted Loves.

I’ve included the final verses below and I hope that you also find something to ponder, explore and wonder about.

May the holiday season bring you joy, connection, health and fun.


Tell me of these assorted loves, 

but most of all, explain to me 

dear father, dear mother, dear sister, dear brother,

how to keep the soul’s flame alive

when all are scattered

and none of us safe.

At the end of the day, 

I hear you say, let the heart speak

only love purified takes us through the open door. 

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