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Get meaningful support from an experienced counsellor either online or in person. 

We support clients and professionals with counselling and clinical supervision. We’re experts in listening and tailoring therapies to meet your needs.

You may choose your counsellor, therapist or supervisor based on your needs, or we can pair you with one of our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of people go see a counsellor?

Anyone who wishes to have a private conversation about their life situation with a skilled, qualified and experienced professional.

What can I expect from my Kindred Centre appointment?

You can expect the be treated with respect and courtesy.  We will gather some introductory information.
We will then assist you to address your presenting issues

Are sessions available online?

All Kindred Centre therapists offer online appointments. Some of our therapists may also offer an in person service and you can discuss this with your chosen therapist. Please make sure you are in a safe and private place with a good connection so that the session can occur without technological difficulties.

Why online appointments?

Often the biggest barrier to attending counselling and supervision is finding the time within busy schedules. Online counselling and supervision allows you to fit your sessions conveniently into your day. This is also a convenient option for people living in remote locations, are immunocompromised or who are physically unable to attend in-person sessions.

How long do sessions run for?

A typical session is 50 minutes to an hour.

How much are sessions at the Kindred Centre?

Please confirm pricing, payments options, terms and conditions when you book your session with your chosen therapist. You chosen therapist may have access to funding and subsidies to faciliate your therapy.
Payment for your session in advance will be required and your therapist will contact you at the agreed time.
$100.00 plus GST per hour is the average Kindred Centre therapist cost.

Clinical supervision is work undertaken by senior NZAC counsellors and $120.00 plus GST is currently the Kindred Centre average.

How often should I attend therapy?

You can discuss this with your therapist and evaluate according to your need and budget.  Some people attend weekly sessions while others attend fortnightly, monthly or may check in on a more infrequent basis.

Are there any subsidies available for Kindred Centre counsellors?

Please contact your therapist to discuss this.

Where are the sessions held?

Kindred Centre is an online counselling service and we can assist people who have access to a stable internet connection or phone

What if I need to cancel my session?

Please cancel or reschedule you session a minimum of  24 hours before your session to avoid a penalty fee.

What if I don’t connect with my therapist?

Changing therapists is your choice.
Our therapists are registered and adhere to their association's code of ethics and complaints process. They are trained to support you begin and end the therapeutic relationship and enable you to change therapists if you need to.

Who do I contact in an emergency?

Kindred Centre therapists offer appointment times to ensure that your session is safe, uninterrupted and the therapist focus is with you. Kindred Centre therapists do not provide on call or emergency response services.

Please call 111 in an emergency.

The following telephone counselling services which are available 24 hours/7 days in New Zealand.

*Need to talk? 1737 - Free call or text 1737 anytime for support from a trained counsellor.

*Suicide Crisis Helpline 0508828865, (0508 TAUTOKO)

*Youthline Ph 0800 376 633
*Lifeline 0800543354

*Depression helpline: 0800 111757 or free text 4202 or www.depression.org.nz

Please also contact your therapist who will respond as soon as they are available to do so.

Is my appointment confidential?

Kindred Centre is a confidential service. Your chosen therapist can explain any limits to confidentiality.
The New Zealand Association of Counsellors, (NZAC) code of ethics outlines privacy and confidentiality.
You can view the codehere

What information is kept about me?

Your can discuss this with your chosen therapist. Generally they will require contact and invoicing details. They may request the name of your GP, next of kin and your consent to contact them in case of emergencies.

Kindred Centre therapists maintain session notes which are filed and kept confidential for the required period in NZ of 7 years after which time they are destroyed. You have the right to view and correct your session notes.

What if I am unable to cope and I am feeling unsafe?

The New Zealand Association of Counsellors’ code of ethics states that counsellors have a duty of care to keep all members of the community safe.  

Process for Information Sharing in an emergency

Safety is paramount over confidentiality in situations where a risk of harm exists. Your counsellor may disclose identifying information in order to prevent harm to clients and others.

Should you advise an imminent risk in your session, your counsellor will work on an emergency safety plan with you.  This may involve contacting your GP to arrange an urgent appointment or the appropriate emergency service.

What are the terms and conditions of the service?

We treat our clients with respect and we request our clients treat Kindred Centre people with respect.

Kindred Centre therapists are qualified and registered either fully or provisionally with their relevant professional association. You will be able to view their qualifications and memberships from a link on our website.

Sessions can be via video, phone or in person.  Discuss the session terms and conditions with your chosen therapist.  

Please give at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation or a re-schedule of an appointment. Sessions where there is less than 24 hours notice of cancellation will be invoiced.  

Sessions are offered between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday with other session times by arrangement.

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