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Kindred Centre offers confidential, online counselling and therapy for individuals.
We also offer clinical supervision and mentoring for counselling and other professionals interested in developing a reflective practice.


Counselling is a talking therapy. Counselling involves the counsellor discussing the client’s situation with them. An outcome of counselling could be to feel better and to feel understood. Outcomes can also include some clear goals, a problem solved, catharsis and support. Referral and support to other professionals can also be an outcome. Group therapy can also be arranged.

Our counselling practice is inspired and informed by some of the therapeutic approaches below:
Narrative Approaches

Where client and counsellor, explore and develop meaning to the clients’ presenting dilemmas.

Motivational Interviewing:

Where clients want to make some changes and are supported with a creative and motivational discussion.

Psychodynamic Approaches

Where a client reflects on historical relationships, pent up emotions and experiences which can lead to significant health and behaviour problems.  Catharsis is a conversation to release trapped emotions and experiences and to find meaning and closure through discussing them.

Anxiety, Stress and Depression Management:

Support to minimise the  impact on physical health and daily functioning through developing coping strategies.  Partnership with your GP is encouraged to support medication changes and other health related issues.

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Regular clinical supervision is an essential task for those who work in counselling, therapeutic and/or community-based roles.
As clients engage in a process of reflection during counselling, we counselling professionals are better able to support the therapeutic process if we are actively reviewing and reflecting also.

We offer supervision to:
Community Workers
Registered Counsellors
Provisional Counsellors seeking membership with NZAC
Other professionals who wish to seek support and professional growth
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